The FAQ is available in English, Spanish and Korean. Download PDF

The Anaheim Elementary Online Academy is a teacher-led interactive distance learning option for Kindergarten through 6th-grade students.  

How to enroll? 

Call (714) 517-7500 or email distancelearning@aesd.org

Can students transfer midyear to a regular school if they start with the Academy? 

Yes, pending space available at the school 

Will a student lose their current spot at school if they go to AEOA? 

A student can only be enrolled in one school at a time, if a student is enrolled in AEOA then they can transfer back to neighborhood school pending space availability. 

Is DLI available?

Yes, Spanish DLI will be available

Will Korean be available at the Academy? 

No not at this time.

Will Special Education services be provided at Anaheim Elementary Online Academy?

Yes, there will be special education services provided for students at AEOA, though the IEP team will be the guiding factor in determining the services offered for each individual student. 

FAQ Was Last Modified: June 24, 2020