Early Childhood Education

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Our Mission

The Anaheim Elementary School District Office of Early Childhood Education provides children and families with comprehensive preschool services and early learning foundations to achieve success in school and life.

Philosophical Statement

We believe that the family provides the child’s most important learning environment. Therefore, we offer education, involvement opportunities and support for the entire family.

  1. We believe in providing an environment in which children and adults may develop their capabilities in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. This is accomplished through a curriculum that emphasizes play and building positive self-worth.
  2. We believe learning is lifelong, enjoyable and a challenging experience.
  3. We believe in providing active and sensory experiences in which learning through discovery is emphasized.
  4. We believe in providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum using an eclectic approach based upon maturation, developmental theories, including brain development and research that stress common growth patterns.
  5. We believe that each person’s individuality and culture must be respected.

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