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Welcome to the Anaheim Elementary School District! Our teachers, administrators and support staff are committed to academic excellence and quality service for our families. As such, we hope to make the enrollment process as quick and convenient as possible.

To enroll, just follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be on your way to a successful school experience.

***Enrollment for the new school year begins on February 1st each year***

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Grade-Level Placement

It is recognized that students do their best work in school when they are placed in a grade with other students of the same chronological age. The following links provide AESD guidelines for placing students at the appropriate grade level. Please contact your neighborhood school if you have any questions regarding grade-level placement.

Early Childhood Education

If you are interested in enrolling your 3 or 4 year old child for the Early Childhood Education (ECE) California State Preschool Program please contact your Preschool Family Service Assistant at (714)517-7125.

Assigned Neighborhood Schools

Based on the address of your residence in Anaheim, you will be assigned a neighborhood school. Please click on the link below to determine your neighborhood school. AESD School Site Locator

Intradistrict Transfers For students who live within the Anaheim Elementary School District, and wish to attend an AESD school other than their school of residence;

  1. Proceed to Step One to enroll at your school of residence.
  2. Please complete an Intradistrict Transfer.

Interdistrict Transfers: If your family does not reside within the Anaheim Elementary School District boundaries and you wish for your child to attend one of our outstanding schools;

  1. Please complete an Interdistrict Transfer.
  2. Proceed to Step One of the enrollment process.
  3. Once transfer is approved by AESD you will be notified to complete Step Two.

For more information or to apply, please click the following link: Transfers

Previously Enrolled in AESD – Preschool through 6th grade

If a student previously attended a school within AESD and is returning, student Information is already in our database. Proceed to Step Two to complete enrollment.

New Enrollment

To enroll your child for the first time in AESD click here.

Now that your child’s information is in our database, please bring the following documents to your school of residence to complete the enrollment process:

If you have any questions about AESD’s enrollment process, please feel free to contact the Pupil Services Office at (714) 517-7526.

Enroll in AESD Was Last Modified: November 16, 2020