The Office of Special Programs is committed to supporting our families, school sites and district departments in their work to provide the students of AESD a top quality 21st century education.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Develop & Support Meaningful Parent Involvement at the Site and District Levels
    • Community Liaison Support
    • PTA
    • Parent Classes
    • Parent Outreach
  • School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)
    • Support Site Development and On-Going Evaluation of SPSA
    • Support Site Tracking and Monitoring of SPSA Budget in Collaboration with Fiscal Budget Analysts
  • Department Categorical Budgets
    • Support Departments in Categorical Budget Development
    • Support Department Tracking and Monitoring of Categorical Budgets in Collaboration with Fiscal Budget Analysts
  • District Categorical Budget
    • Prepare and Submit Consolidated Application to CDE for Title I, II and III Funding
  • Federal Program Monitoring (FMP)
    • Support Site and Department Compliance with Funding Regulations

Our department is here to assist.  Please call us if we can be of service.

Name Position Phone Email
Lynda Ruiz Director, Office of Special Programs (714) 517-7527
Jannssing Ramirez Director’s Secretary (714) 517-7527 Ext. 4117
Yesenia Navarro Curriculum Specialist, Parent Involvement (714) 517-7527 Ext. 4108
Yamile Canon Family and Community Engagement Specialist (FACE) (714) 517-7527 Ext. 4139
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