AESD Common Standards Preliminary Report of Findings Addendum

Commission on Teacher Credentialing Common Standards Preliminary Report of Findings/Addendum


Anaheim Elementary School District

Date of Review

April 26, 2018

Please prepare an addendum that addresses those areas below that were deemed to require more information by reviewers during the Common Standards review and where specific evidence is requested for the site visit. Brief narrative (less than 75 words) is allowable but response must include links to evidence that address the issue identified by the reviewers.

Posting the Addendum

Information from the addendum must be posted on the institution’s accreditation website at least 60 days before the site visit, along with the original Common Standards document and feedback from the program reviewers. Please do not resubmit your response the items below, responses need only be added to your institution’s accreditation website in preparation for the 2018-19 Site Visit.

Standards Found to be Preliminarily Aligned


Standards Requiring More Information

More Information Needed: Part(s) of the standards for which more information is needed

Additional Specific Evidence Needed for the Site Visit

Response from Program (Addendum)

Standard 1:  Institutional Infrastructure to Support Educator Preparation

1.The institution provides the unit with sufficient resources for the effective operation of each educator preparation program.

2. Recruitment and faculty development efforts support hiring and retention of faculty who represent and support diversity.

3. The education unit monitors a credential recommendation process that ensures that candidates recommended for a credential have met all requirements.

1.Please provide specific budget details evidencing short term and long-term planning for sufficient program resources.

2. Please provide evidence of targeted efforts for the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty.

3. Completion requirements should be directly aligned to the completion of the ILP and demonstrating growth on the CSTPs. Provide evidence that the program completion requirements demonstrate the transition to the new induction standards. Please contact your Site Visit Consultant for further clarification.

1. Budget

Prior to the start of each fiscal year, the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Business Services meet to discuss the upcoming budget for the Induction Program. The projected budget is based off the previous year, amount of current participants, and mentors. If changes need to be made throughout the school year, or an increase is needed the Request for Budget Increase form is completed and approved by Cabinet Members or another meeting is scheduled to discuss the changes needed between the two Directors.

2. Recruitment of faculty that represent and support diversity.

The Dual language Immersion Academy  has a full time Curriculum Specialist that supports the Dual Language Immersion Program, DLI Teachers, and students. At the start of the year, all new DLI Teachers attend a new DLI  Orientation and three times per year, a two hour collaboration is facilitated with all DLI Teachers and the Curriculum Specialist.

A Partnership between Anaheim Elementary School District, Westminster School District, California State University Fullerton and Anaheim Union High School District was formed to offer educators the opportunity to complete modules to recruit, retain, and refine biliteracy skills so a new generation of biliterate students can be taught effectively (B.E.C.O.M.E. Project).

3. Revised Documentation:

The revised documents have been edited to reflect the following changes:

There are no longer any mandatory or required professional development trainings that Participating Teachers must attend within the Induction Program (Induction Master Calendar).  Instead, they will choose PDs that directly correlate to the Professional Growth Goals (CSTPs) each PT has chosen. Professional Development is offered by the School District through a Professional Development Calendar located on the AESD Website and scheduled through Eventbrite.  There is also a Professional Learning Opportunities Site that offers PD in different curricular areas.

Induction Master Calendar

AESD Induction Pathways:

Year 1 & Year 2 Pathways have been modified  to allow the Participating Teacher to choose the CSTPs they would like to focus on in each inquiry.  It also shows the candidates’ growth on the CSTPs starting with Learning Cycle A and ending with Learning Cycle D at the end of each Induction year.  

Individual Learning Plan:

The ILP has been revised to follow all 2016 Program Standards.  This document is a road map for candidates’ Induction work during their time in the program along with guidance for the mentor in providing support.  The ILP is collaboratively developed at the beginning of Induction by the candidate and mentor, with input from the employer regarding the candidate’s job assignment, and guidance from program staff.  

Individual Learning Plan

  • 2018-2019     

Standard 2:  Candidate Recruitment and Support

1. Evidence regarding progress in meeting competency and performance expectations is consistently used to guide advisement and candidate support efforts.

2. A clearly defined process is in place to identify and support candidates who need additional assistance to meet competencies.

1. Provide evidence regarding progress in meeting candidate competencies (as outlined in the CSTP) and performance expectations (correlating to ILP goals)

2. Provide a process for candidates who need additional assistance to meet competencies

Opportunities for candidates to demonstrate growth in the CSTPs:

Individual Learning Plans & Inquiries:

  • Learning Cycle A

              Year 1

              Year 2

Individual Learning Plan

  • Year 1:

              ILP, Inquiry #1

              ILP, Inquiry #2

  • Year 2:

              ILP, Inquiry #3

              ILP, Inquiry #4

Candidate Completion Form

2. Process for candidates who need additional assistance.

Request for Induction Extension Services

Request for Additional Assistance

Standard 3: Course of Study, Fieldwork, and Clinical Practice.

Through site-based work and clinical experiences, programs offered by the unit provide candidates with opportunities to both experience issues of diversity that affect school climate and to effectively implement research-based strategies for improving teaching and student learning.

Provide evidence that the unit provides candidates with opportunities to both experience issues of diversity that affect school climate and to effectively implement research-based strategies for improving teaching and student learning.

Learning Cycle A provides the opportunity for each Participating Teacher a better understanding of the students in their classrooms (Please refer to highlighted areas on form A-3).  

During each Inquiry, Participating Teachers are asked to focus on two students (English Language Learner and Special Populations) and document their individual progress. They are also asked to analyze and reflect Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 tests results to inform their instruction and effective use of strategies, as well as to adjust their teaching to best meet the needs of their two focus students.

Standard 4: Continuous Improvement




Standard 5: Program Impact

The unit and its programs evaluate and demonstrate that they are having a positive impact on candidate learning and competence and on teaching and learning in schools that serve California’s students.

Program impact is not discernable until it is evident that the program has transitioned to the 2016 Induction Program Standards. Please contact your Site Visit Consultant for further clarification.

All necessary changes have been made to reflect the transition to the 2016 Induction Program Standards. The 2018 Mid Year Survey and the 2019 End of Year Survey should reflect the positive impact on candidate learning and competence and on teaching and learning in schools.  The growth of each Participating Teacher are documented on the CSTPs, Individual Learning Plan and reflective answers to reflective questions.

AESD Common Standards Preliminary Report of Findings Addendum Was Last Modified: July 6, 2018