Classified Human Resources

Classified staff makeup nearly half of all employees in AESD, and work in a variety of different job classifications. Classified employees care for our students, ensure that schools operate smoothly, and help serve the community. From cleaning classrooms to transporting students and teaching them vital skills, their contribution to AESD schools makes education possible.

Classified staff is also important members of the community. They are advocates for our school sites and can help spread the great news happening in AESD. The goal of the classified HR team is to continuously hire highly effective staff and provide support to develop their ability to connect with the community and support diverse learners. 

Please contact the Classified Human Resources department with any questions you have or support you may need.

Eric HallmanDirector, Classified Human Resources714-517-7560
Ext. 4411
EmailEric Hallman
Guadalupe MartinezSr. Administrative Assistant I714-517-7560
Ext. 4412
EmailGuadalupe Martinez
Cindy MejiaHuman Resources Technician-Classified714-517-7562
Ext. 4413
EmailCindy Mejia
Sonia Ramirez Human Resources Technician-Classified714-517-7562
Ext. 4414
EmailSonia Ramirez
Irene Rocha Substitute Service Technician-Classified714-517-7561
Ext. 4415
EmailIrene Rocha
Alexandra JabazHuman Resources Assistant714-517-7140
Ext. 4406
EmailAlexandra Jabaz

Classified Human Resources Was Last Modified: June 30, 2020