Induction Program

What is Induction?

The Induction Program was created by the California Department of Education in recognition that new teachers need support and mentoring to help them develop the skills critical to teaching success. The Induction Program provides first and second-year teachers with a structured professional education and individual guidance. Two years of support and reflective assessment are provided by experienced teachers (Support Providers) trained to coach on the use of the state-adopted academic content and performance levels for students. The Induction Program is the pathway from a Preliminary Teaching Credential to a Clear Teaching Credential. 

Induction Teachers…

  • Participate in the Reflective Assessment Activities
  • Collaborate with other Participating Teachers
  • Meet weekly with their Support Provider
  • Attend professional development based on individual goals and needs
  • Participate in the evaluation of program effectiveness
  • Earn college units for program participation
  • Receive an ongoing relationship of support and assistance throughout the first two years of teaching


The Induction Office can be contacted by
Phone: (714) 517-7113 or Fax: (714) 517-8552

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Induction Program Was Last Modified: October 16, 2019