Human Resources

Quality teaching is the most important factor affecting student learning. Anaheim Elementary School District, therefore, focuses on attracting, recruiting, hiring, training, supporting, paying, and retaining a teaching and support staff that best meets the needs of the District’s multi-ethnic student population. Everyone involved in the teaching and learning process has opportunities to participate in appropriate, ongoing staff development activities critical to the improvement of students as well as organizational achievement. Shared leadership is developed, recognized, and respected. Collaboration and shared decision-making opportunities improve learning for all members of the school community and promote trust, commitment, and accountability.

AESD employs over 2,200 people of diverse backgrounds, experience and training who provide a quality education to all students. 

Please contact the Human Resources or Risk Management Departments with any questions you have or support you may need. 

Dena Melland
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
(714) 517-7553 Ext. 4400
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Natalia Gonzalez
Sr. Administrative Assistant, II
(714) 517-7553 Ext. 4401
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