Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is a bridge between preschool and Kindergarten for children turning 5 years old on September 2 through December 2.

TK gives young learners a head start and provides them with an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that is tailored to meet their academic and social needs. TK uses a unique, specialized curriculum that is based on the CA Preschool Learning Foundations and the CA Common Core Standards for Kindergarten. The program is developmental for students so that they have the gift of time to learn in an interactive way filled with language opportunities.

Transitional Kindergarten Sites

  • Edison
  • Franklin
  • Gauer
  • Guinn
  • Henry
  • Lincoln
  • Loara
  • Madison
  • Mann
  • Marshall
  • Olive St.
  • Orange Grove
  • Palm Lane
  • Ponderosa
  • Revere
  • Roosevelt
  • Ross
  • Sunkist
  • Westmont

Feeder School Assignments

TK School  Feeder School
Loara Barton
Madison Stoddard
Olive St. Jefferson
Roosevelt Juarez
Westmont Price


  • Pre-School Learning Foundations (Contains the learning foundations for Social Emotional Development, Language and Literacy, English Language Development, and Mathematics)
  • Pre-School Curriculum Framework (This curriculum framework provides an overall approach for teachers to support children’s learning through environments and experiences that are:
    • developmentally appropriate,
    • reflective of thoughtful observation and intentional planning
    • individually and culturally meaningful, and
    • inclusive of children with disabilities or other special needs

    The framework presents ways of setting up environments, encouraging and building upon children’s self-initiated play, selecting appropriate materials, and planning and implementing teacher-guided learning activities.)

  • Pre-School Learning Foundations and CA Common Core Alignment (This document demonstrates the alignment between the Pre-School Learning Foundations and the California Common Core Standards.)

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