English Language Development

Integrated ELD

An Integrated ELD lesson is a content lesson (e.g., ELA, Math, Science, Music, Social Studies, Art, Second Step) that teaches two types of objectives simultaneously:

A content objective

  • the primary objective
  • the understanding of all students is checked
  • aligned to a content standard

An ELD objective

  • a secondary objective
  • the understanding of the ELs is checked
  • aligned to an ELD standard
    • teaches a high leverage linguistic skill
    • can be used outside of the content area (e.g., a general academic word, grammar)
    • is based on language use – but not spelling, capitalization, or punctuation as these are not ELD standards

Designated ELD

Students receive a minimum of 30 minutes of instruction focusing on the ELD standards during a dedicated time block.

Designated ELD lessons are designed to go into or from content instruction.

  • Into content instruction – lessons that frontload the grammar or general academic words that students, especially ELs, need to participate in a content lesson at the same level as English proficient students
  • From content instruction – lessons that directly address the grammar or general academic words that the teacher has observed multiple students not yet using correctly with consistency during content instruction.

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