Korean DLI

Dual Language Immersion is a unique educational model where children learn to think, read, write and communicate naturally in two languages: English and Korean. Native Korean and native English speaking students study together, beginning in kindergarten through 6th grade, to be biliterate in both languages.

Program Goals for Students:

  • Empowers students to achieve the highest academic, social, and linguistic skills furthering their access to future educational and economic success.
  • Students are instructed according to the Common Core Content Standards for grade level competencies in all subject areas in both English and Korean.
  • Learning a second language stimulates the brain to develop higher level reasoning skills, which transfer to complex critical thinking in math, science, and language arts.
  • Children who are educated in two languages have stronger self-esteem with more tolerance for, and more interest in, other cultures.

Program Model

80:20 – The first number ‘80’ refers to the percentage of instructional time initially spent for instruction in the target language (Korean) in Kindergarten. The second number ‘20’ refers to English. In our 80:20 model, the amount of the target language decreases yearly as English increases until there is a 50:50 balance of the languages generally in grades four through six.

Korean DLI class model

Upcoming Korean DLI Meetings

There are currently No Upcoming Meetings. If you are interested in learning more about enrolling your child in a Korean Dual Language Immersion Academy, please contact Jefferson Elementary School or email us at dli@aesd.org.

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AESD is proud to have the only Korean Dual Language Academy in Orange County

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