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If you are interested in learning more about the Dual Language Immersion Academy for your child you may contact your home school. Use the School Locator Map to find your neighborhood school.

Online Academy(714) 517-7500Online Academy Website
Barton(714) 517-8900Barton Website
Edison(714) 517-8902Edison Website
Franklin(714) 517-8905Franklin Website
Gauer(714) 517-8908Gauer Website
Guinn(714) 517-8911Guinn Website
Henry(714) 517-8914Henry Website
Jefferson(714) 517-8917Jefferson Website
Juarez(714) 517-8923Juarez Website
Lincoln(714) 517-8929Lincoln Website
Loara(714) 517-8932Loara Website
Madison(714) 517-8935Madison Website
Mann(714) 517-8938Mann Website
Marshall(714) 517-8941Marshall Website
Olive(714) 517-8920Olive Website
Orange Grove(714) 517-8968Orange Grove Website
Ponderosa(714) 517-8926Ponderosa Website
Price(714) 517-8947Price Website
Revere(714) 517-8950Revere Website
Roosevelt(714) 517-8953Roosevelt Website
Ross(714) 517-8956Ross Website
Stoddard(714) 517-8959Stoddard Website
Sunkist(714) 517-8962Sunkist Website
Westmont(714) 517-8965Westmont Website

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