Dress Code

Dress for success and be ready to learn!


  • Henry School T-Shirts
  • Navy blue, light blue, or white polo shirts
  • White dress shirts or blouses with collars
  • All tops should be tucked in and must be appropriate length and size for the student.
  • No T-shirts, sweatshirts or jackets with logos


  • Navy Blue or Khaki shorts, pants, skirts, skorts, jumpers
  • Blue Plaid for skirts, skorts, and jumpers is permitted.
  • Belts must be an appropriate size and tucked in the belt loops.
  • All bottoms should fit well around the waist and should be appropriate length according to the student’s size.
  • Bike shorts (under skirts and jumpers only)
  • No jeans


  • Closed-toed shoes only
  • Tennis Shoes encouraged
  • White and blue socks


For colder weather: Wear blue, white or khaki jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts.


  • No hats (Except as needed for extreme hot or cold weather conditions)
  • No logo on clothing. (Except for school logos)
  • No overalls
  • No spaghetti straps
  • Plain colored T-shirts are not part of the uniform
  • No jeans or baggy, oversized, or undersized clothing permitted on campus

All students must adhere to the Anaheim Elementary School District Dress and Grooming Standards. This policy can be found in the Parent-Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook.

Clothing for uniforms can be purchased at any store.
If you have questions, please feel free to call our Henry School office at 517-8914.

Dress Code Was Last Modified: November 5, 2019