Federal Regulations

“For the procurement standards in §§ 200.317-200.326, non-Federal entities may continue to comply with the procurement standards in previous OMB guidance (superseded by this part as described in § 200.104) for two additional fiscal years after this part goes into effect. If a non-Federal entity chooses to use the previous procurement standards for an additional two fiscal years before adopting the procurement standards in this part, the non-Federal entity must document this decision in their internal procurement policies.” 

At this time Anaheim Elementary School District will be exercising the two-year grace period to create the new policies prior to implementing the new procurement standards.

Vendor Contacts

For companies interested in doing business with the Anaheim Elementary School District, please send a letter of interest on your company letterhead, including a brief introduction of the products or services you provide, the number of years in business and pertinent contact information.  You may also wish to include a list of school district references, brochures, or catalogs.

For contractors, please visit our CUPCCAA information page.

Federal Regulations Was Last Modified: January 16, 2020