BID No. 2021-02-FAC-GC Relocation (Moving) Services

The Legal Notice for this bid is available on the District’s website. 

All bid related documents are available online with ARC (American Reprographics Company), 345 Clinton Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, Phone: (714) 424-8525, Fax: (714) 424-8526.

To order Project documents from ARC as a download, CD, or hardcopy/paper, visit: then click on Public Planroom, and search by Anaheim Elementary School District in the dropdown list, or call ARC and request the Planwell Department for orders.  Downloads are available at no charge.  Hardcopy/paper or CD cost will be available with Project information.  The costs for all Project Documents are non-refundable.  Any mailing costs are direct with reprographic company. 

BID No. 2021-02-FAC-GC Relocation (Moving) Services Was Last Modified: September 9, 2020