Parent Leadership Institute

PLI is composed of volunteer parent leaders from each school site that gather monthly at the district meetings to develop their leadership skills to promote parent engagement at their school, district, and community.

The institute is structured with 21st-century learning. Parents are coached to work with the 4C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking) that will help them develop a greater understanding of school programs.

PLI parent leaders facilitate parenting and academic workshops, promote parent engagement at school and district events, recruit parent volunteers, and represent the district at community events.

Leadership Skills Development

Sandra Renner teaching leadership to Anaheim parents

Monthly Meeting Training Topics:

  • Important Roles of Parents Leaders
  • Communication=Community
  • Teamwork
  • Cultural Competence & Communication
  • Tips for Trainers
  • Active Learning
  • Active Training

Decision Making

Jesssie Alvarez presents at a DAC/DLAC meeting


  • ELA/ELD Adoption Committee
  • Interview Panels
  • LCAP Committee
  • Parent Leadership Institute
  • Anaheim Pledge Task Force
  • Superintendent’s Innovation Advisory Committee
  • Budget Advisory Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • District Facilities Implementation Committee
  • Future Ready Schools

Parent Facilitated Workshops

A PLI parent presents to a room full of Anaheim Elementary parents

Planning for Higher Education, Planting the Seed for College

Click to Watch the Parent Leadership Institutes trip to University California Irvine

PLI parent leaders from each school site attended a two-day training to become facilitators of an 8-week parenting workshop (Parenting Partners) that they facilitate at their site The program focuses on three outcomes:

  • Positive Parent Engagement
  • Improved Student Academics
  • Strong Home Learning Environment

Trained PLI parent leaders help facilitate the 10 Education Commandment through a series of parent workshops informing parents on how to begin planning for their child’s higher education and planting the seed for college.

The 10 Education Commandments

  1. Commit as a family to be involved in school
  2. Do my part in helping my child study
  3. Understand how grades work
  4. Learn how schools are structured
  5. Learn what my child needs to graduate successfully from high school
  6. Support the learning of mathematics, science, and English
  7. Encourage my child to take honors and advanced courses
  8. Help my child prepare to be college and/or career ready
  9. College options are affordable
  10. Teach my child to be creative, to communicate, and to view challenges as opportunities

Community Events

PLI parents talk STEAM education to students at the annual Kindergarten Festival

PLI parent leaders volunteer to support Anaheim community events such as:

  • Saturday Community Events promoting AESD
  • Kinder Festival
  • CABE Conference volunteers & speakers
  • International Arts Festival
  • YMCA Showcase
  • Day of Dead – Community Event


Parents engaged during a technology workshop lead by a PLI member

The PLI Technology Committee includes PLI parent leaders that have been trained to facilitate a 5-week Computer for Beginners parent Workshop The Computer for Beginners sessions teaches parents about basic computer skills including:

  • Create a Gmail account
  • Navigate the district and school website
  • Keyboarding skills

Become A Parent Leader

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2019 PLI Group Photo with superintendent Dr. Christopher Downing

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