Erate funding Overview

Through the utilization of funding acquired during Erate years 1-13, AESD has established an infrastructure which supports both voice and data. Many exciting and rewarding changes have taken place in the AESD since the inception (1998) of the Erate program. Approximately $30 million dollars acquired through Erate have made it possible in providing a 21st century state of the art infrastructure.

Erate funding paved the way for the following services at ASCD

  • VoIP Phones – Approx 1500 Voice Over Internet Protocol Phones.
  • Unified Voicemail
  • Blackberry’s, Cell Phones/2-Way Radios – Approx 300
  • District Wide Email/DWEmail – Email for all Staff
  • High-speed Internet Access
  • School Site Data Connectivity – 1 Gb Fiber Optics
  • TV Distribution Systems for Streaming Internet Content & Video On Demand (VOD) 
AESD Server Farm
Cisco Phone

Erate Was Last Modified: July 31, 2018