A Parents Guide to Student Report Cards

The purpose of the Anaheim Elementary School District report card is to provide families with written feedback about the learning progress of their child in association with the state-adopted standards and other important skills required of students in their successful pursuit of college or career.

Therefore, the report card should be:

  • Clearly understood by families, students, and teachers;
  • Accurate and consistent communication of student performance and growth over time-based upon grade-specific standards and skills
  • The basis of an ongoing conversation between schools and families in supporting each student for success.

Belief Statement for Assessing and Reporting Student Progress

It is important to accurately assess and report student progress.

Assessing student progress takes place regularly in several ways including:

  • checking for understanding strategies
  • classwork
  • classroom discussion
  • projects
  • formal assessments

Assessment results, whether formal or informal, inform and guide a teacher’s instruction as he or she strives to meet each student’s academic needs.

Formally (report card) and informally (notes, conferences, phone calls) reporting student progress provides ongoing feedback to students and guidance to parents and families. Both methods of reporting support a student’s opportunities for maximum success in school.

As a district, we encourage parents to talk with their child’s teacher in order to fully understand the progress that he or she is making.

If you have further questions about understanding the Anaheim Elementary School District report card, please Contact Us.

Important Dates

Report cards are sent home three times each year, at the conclusion of each trimester.

For information on Holidays, Instructional Planning Days, Minimum Days, Parent Conference Dates and more click here For AESD Calendars

A Parents Guide to Student Report Cards Was Last Modified: October 9, 2019