What is an ATI issue?

  • images that include text in them or where the same information is not in plain text
  • videos without closed captions or text transcript
  • PDF’s that have no tab order, primary language, or alt text on images
  • color or text and the background color are too similar
  • links on a page with unclear text as to where you’re going to be taken (i.e. “click here”), the same text leading to different urls, or urls that use different text to direct users.
  • links that open different windows or file formats without clearly saying so in link by using an icon with propper alt text.

What is NOT an ATI Issue:

  • broken link (404) or security/forbidden access errors (503/500)
  • images not displaying
  • content on pages is not updated or correct
  • spelling mistakes
  • content is confusing or poorly organized
  • you tried to complete a task and the directions did not work as expected or explained
  • you are having trouble connecting a device to Campus wi-fi or other Campus resources

If you feel like you have found an ATI issue please let us know so we can work with the website owners to fix the problems.

Reort ATI Issue