Citing Textual Evidence

Westmont student work on their Common Core Standard. To successfully cite textual evidence a student needs to be able to read the assigned text, cite explicitly from their text and draw inferences from their reading.

Citing Textual Evidence

Strong Support Weak Support
Direct Quotes Nothing from text
Explicit and inferential Opinion Based
Multiple examples of evidence Minimal support or explanation
Clear Connections No Clear Connections

Providing Textual Evidence

  1. Respond using your own words
  2. Provide a quote from the text
  3. Include title, page number, paragraph number

Phrases to use

  • The author state…
  • Within the reading, I found…
  • I know this becuase on page ____ it says…
  • In the paragragh ___ of ___ text it says…

Example: The teme of the story is courage. I know this becuase on page 117, paragraph 1 of Hatchet, it says…”he would not die, he would not let deat in again.”