Two-Way Radio

Two-Way Radio

  • Belt Clip,
  • Channels: 16,
  • Power: 5W (VHF), 4W (UHF),
  • Size, weight: 4.4”H x 2.06”W x .96”D, 8.4 oz.,
  • IP Waterproof rating: IP67,
  • 800mW loud and clear audio – easy to hear,
  • Built-in motion sensor,
  • Built-in signaling,
  • Built-in inversion voice scrambler,
  • Channel announcement,
  • Escalation alarm,
  • Low battery alert,
  • Emergency call,
Description Icom BC1000 UHF Two-way Radio
Vendor # V0407399
Vendor BearCom
Price $180.00 + 7.75% Tax + $4.00 Shipping per radio purchased



Item Antenna – UHF Radio (FA-SC57U)
Price $12.00 each

Belt Clip

Item Alligator Spring Belt Clip (MB-94)
Price $10.00 each


Item Rapid Charger (BC-1160 01)
Price $65.00 each
Item Six-Bank Rapid Charger (BC-121NF33G-KIT)
Price $445.00 each


Item Otto D-Hanger w/PPT (E1-ET2CS131)
Price $35.00 each
Item Otto Surveillance Kit (V1-10756)
Price $90.00 each
Item Impact Surveillance Kit (I3-P2W-AT1)
Price $80.00 each (3 Yr Warranty)


Item Standard Speaker Mic (HM-159L)
Price $70.00 each
Item Impact Speaker Mic (I3-PRSM-HD3-BC)
Price $59.00 each+$3.50 shipping per speaker+ tax (3 Yr Warranty)

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