With the roll-out of the Common Core State Standards, we have seen an increased need for students to obtain typing skills. After reviewing several options and programs, Anaheim City School District has selected TypingWeb.com as a support, free, online service for students to practice their typing, progress through lessons and levels, and for teachers to monitor students’ progress towards typing proficiency. Getting started is quick and easy!

STEP 1: Setup a Teacher Account

Setting up a Teacher Account is simple and fast:

  1. Go to TypingWeb.com
  2. Click on “Teachers Start Here”
  1. Enter your District information (including your District E-mail; either “@acsd.k12.ca.us” or “@acsd.us” will work)
  2. Click on “Sign-Up”
  3. You now have a Teacher Account, and are ready to upload your students to the system

STEP 2: Import Student Accounts

Part of what makes TypingWeb.com free is that students manage their own accounts. Typically, students would create their own accounts, then you — the teacher — would manually add them to your class; however, thanks to our ability to export files from SMART, you are able to quickly and easily create and upload student accounts in TypingWeb.com.

At this time, we are not able to import and manage student files at the District-level. For the level of control over student accounts, we would need to pay a per-student, per-year fee.

  1. Log in to the Staff Portal, and open SMART
  2. Click on “Export Students”
  1. Hover over the “Export” tab and click on “Custom Students Export”
  1. Click on “Export to Excel”
  1. Find where the file was downloaded (typically your “Download” folder)
  2. Open the file in Excel
  3. Click on “File,” then “Save As”
  1. From the “Save As File Type” drop-down menu, choose “CSV (Comma Delimited)”
  2. You will also need to change the file extension
    1. After the file name in the text box, you’ll notice it still says “.xls”
    2. Erase the “.xls” and replace it with “.csv”
  1. Click on “Save”
  2. Now, log into TypingWeb.com and click on “Students”
  1. Click on “Create/Import Accounts”
  1. Click on “Go to Student Import Tool”
  1. Click on “Browse” and find the file you saved in Excel a moment ago
  1. Click on “Begin Import”
  1. After 20-60 seconds you should be redirected to a list of your students’ accounts
    1. If you notice any RED warnings, hover over the warning to see what the issue is
    2. Typically, you’ll see a RED warning if a student username is already taken
    3. This shouldn’t happen often, but if it does, simply add an extension to the student’s username back in Excel, and re-upload the file.
  2. Click on “Complete Import”
  1. Your students can now log in to TypingWeb.com and begin their typing instruction!