YouTube has become a very useful tool in the classroom for showing short clips of videos that may not be on DiscoveryEducation or Safari Montage. Despite the usefulness of YouTube, we want to remember to never conduct a search on the website with children present. To assist with this — and, help you for when you find a great video on the weekend, and are wondering how to save it for class on Monday — this Tech Tip focuses on how to create Playlists in YouTube so you can quickly access your favorite videos.

Saving a YouTube Video to a Playlist

  1. Sign in to the Staff Portal
  2. Open
  3. While at YouTube, click on “Sign In”
  1. Now, search for a video you wish to save to a Playlist
  1. When you find the video, open it
  2. At the bottom of the video frame, click on “Add To”
    1. If this is a New Playlist, type in a name for the Playlist in the text box provided
    2. Playlists can be “Public” or “Private.” If you make a Playlist “Public,” you can then later share that Playlist with others
    3. Choose “Public” or “Private,” then click on “Create New Playlist”
    4. If you are adding a video to a pre-existing Playlist, simply click on the name of that Playlist
  1. Now, the video is saved to your Playlist.

Accessing a YouTube Video From Your Playlist

  1. Later, when you want to come back to that Playlist, follow Steps 1-3 above
  2. Then — on the left — click on the name of your playlist
  1. If you wish to delete a video from your Playlist, from you playlist hover over the video you’d like to remove and click “X” to romove the video from your playlist.