Each school site now has a Guest Wireless account that is available for teachers and other staff members to access. This wireless service is available for staff members to use their personal devices for work purposes. All users must read and agree to the policy for using personal devices on a District network before gaining access to this service. Below are the steps on how to do this.

  1. Log on to the Staff Portal
  2. Hover over “Employee Resources” and click on “Personal Device Policy Wireless Network Password”
  1. You will be presented with the agreement policy
  2. After reading the policy, put a check in the checkbox certifying you have read and agree with the policy. Click “Submit”
  1. You will now be given the link to access your school’s Guest Wireless password
  1. Find your school in the spreadsheet
  2. Next to your school, you’ll see the unique password for your school site. NOTE: This password only works for your particular school site
  1. Please do not share this password with any users. All staff members must read and agree to the policy prior to gaining access to the Guest Wireless at their site.

NOTE: The passwords for the Guest Wireless at each site will change every 6 months. Users will need to follow the steps above each time in order to access the changed password. Passwords may be changed more frequently than 6 months, if circumstances require it.