This year, we are rolling out a brand new resource for expository content: Britannica School. Your students can access this resource even without registering by going to Your students will be able to create accounts in the near future, but for now, no login information is needed.

Currently, all staff members also have access without the need for an account; however, if you do create an account, many more features (including the ability to save articles) are available. This week we look at the quick and easy steps to creating your brand new Britannica School account.

  1. Go to the Staff Portal
  2. Under “Teacher Resources,” click on “Britannica School”
  3. Click on “Elementary”
  1. Click on “My Britannica”
  1. Click on “Sign Up Now”
  1. Enter your registration information
  1. Click “OK”
  1. You’re all set!

In coming months, we will post webinar links to more advanced features. In the meantime, enjoy all the expository text resources Britannica School has to offer!