This week we’ll look at a add-on Google Drive App that lets you upload, edit, annotate, and save images directly to Google Drive: Pixlr. This App is great for editing photos to send home after a field trip, planning a Yearbook, or simply retouching a photo before sharing it.

Once “Connected” (If Pixlr does not show up click “Connect More Apps”), you can open Pixlr from your “New” button in Google Drive:

New Pixlr File

Once open, you can choose how you wish to access your photos:

  • Directly from your computer
  • From an Internet site
  • From a webcam
  • Or, add in multiple photos for a collage.

Open Image

Editing a Single Photo

Now, you can edit, add effects, or add text to your photo. When you’re finished, simply click on the “Save” button, and the image will automatically be added to your list of Docs in Google Drive. You can even share it like you would any other Google Drive Doc.

Open Image

Creating a Collage

For collages, you are given more options on how to layout your photo. As with editing a single photo, clicking “Save” when you are finished will add the collage to your Google Drive account as a single photo, which you can then share out:

Open Image