Adding a Profile Picture to Your Account

With the recent updates to Gmail, users’ pictures are now attached to each reply. This help employees in the district identify each user. Many of us only communicate over the phone or e-mail, and this addition to the service helps all of us put a face to the name. Below we’ll cover the 5 quick steps to adding an appropriate profile picture to your e-mail.

How to Add a Profile Picture

  1. Log in to your e-mail account
  2. Click on the colored circle in the top right hand corner
  3. Next, in the pop up box click the larger color circle labeled “Change”.
  4. Next, choose where you want to find your picture from: Your computer, or a direct-link from an Internet Site
  5. Once you have found your picture, you can click “Set as profile photo” and now your picture will be added to every e-mail you send.

Again, the reasoning behind adding a profile picture to your Gmail is so that all users in the district can know who they are e-mailing with. Please select an image that helps others identify you not only by name, but by your picture.