Google Forms are very powerful in collecting and managing data or feedback from users; however, it can be cumbersome to track the responses to all the forms and surveys you may have created. To assist you with this, Google has created a way for you to be notified when a user has filled out your form.

  1. Open the “Responses” file for the survey you created
  2. At the top, click on “Tools,” and then “Notification Rule”
  3. Next, put a check in the box, “A User Submits a Form”
  4. Now, decide how often you wish to be notified:
    • E-mail Daily Digest – Will collect all the responses throughout the day, and send them to you in one e-mail the following morning
    • E-mail Right Away – Will send you an individual e-mail immediately after a user submits a form
  5. Click “Save,” and you’re set!

Now, when someone fills out your form, you’ll receive an e-mail letting you know!