Living Biographies

The scholars spent several months preparing for their Living Museum. They were asked to pick a person, living or dead, who made an impact on the world. After doing extensive research the scholars wrote a research report on their person’s childhood, adult life, their contributions to society, and many other interesting facts about their person. The scholars then wrote a 2-3 minute speech, written in first-person, that they were to memorize and present as if they were the person that they had researched. In their speeches, they told about the lives of their person from birth to death (or current day.) The scholars created a background that they would stand in front of that would represent their persons’ lives or interest. The day of our Living Museum, the scholars dressed up in clothing that represented their person and stood in front of their backgrounds. They brought their historical person to life by presenting their memorized first-person speeches for their families and peers. They presented their museum for over two hours to countless adults and students of all ages. They worked incredibly hard on preparing for this day, and I am very proud of them for doing such an amazing job!