Created by Heather Boling, Bytes & Bots DLC @hcBoling

How do we choose which resources to cultivate?

What an amazing showcase we had! Many classes visited & enjoyed our diverse projects. Each project was based on a specific natural resource, which teams researched, as well as human impact from cultivating & using those resources.

A Natural Gas Pipe Leak Detection Bot

Kids enthralled by a natural gas pipe leak detection bot

This robot places a turbine in a geothermal energy plant

Kids lean over a table to for a better view.

As small groups of visitors rotated to each team, students learned the best way to describe their project and adjusted their presentation language based on their audience.

Two young kids explain their project to an older child in front of their laptop.

A Hydroelectric Dam Gate

A dam miniature dam gate connected to a laptop.

Watch these projects in action