YMCA Youth Service Award Recipient

On Monday, April 30, 2018, 6th Grade student Joseph Luna Pulido was recognized as an active participant in his community with a Youth Service Award from YMCA. He and his family have made pozole to feed the homeless and he has also participated in several community clean-ups at Paul Revere School, as well as several other community service opportunities. Joseph had this to say about his passion for serving his community:

I serve others in several ways at school, in my community, and at church. Last year, I helped my class start a campaign to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We began collecting water bottles and cans daily on our school campus, recycling them, and donating the money to St. Jude. We were able to raise over $150.00 last year. This year, we continued to collect bottles and cans and so far, have raised nearly $300.00. The money earned will be donated to the Red Cross this year.

My family and I enjoy helping people in our community. Every year during Thanksgiving and Christmas, my mom and I feed the homeless. She makes pozole and we serve hungry, homeless people in Anaheim. Occasionally, my family makes sandwiches and gives them to hungry homeless people in our neighborhood.

My church group also does a lot to help out the community. We also feed the homeless and provide food for them. I participate in the youth group and church and many of the events held there.

It is important to help others because some people don’t have anyone. Homeless people are often really hungry and that is very sad. Helping others also makes me feel more grateful for the things I have.

Joseph Luna Pulido – Grade 6

Congratulations Joseph! We are all very proud of you and thankful for you.