Technology Programs FAQ


  • Student Username: Email address without “” (e.g. 20jacosta)
  • K-3 Student Password: read
  • 4-6 Student Password: birthdate with no dashes (e.g. 050908)
  • Student Enrollment/Unenrollment: Students are automatically enrolled/unenrolled by TIS each night. This data is pulled from AERIES, so the student must be in AERIES to be enrolled or unenrolled from your roster.
  • Teacher Username: First initial, last name e.g. crobertson
  • Teacher Password: Use “Forgot Password” link on main page
  • Students Not on Roster: Please contact Christie Pluhar(x4194 – or Mauricio Rivas(x4165 –

OPRA Reporting System:

  • Teacher Username: ponteacher
  • Teacher Password: opra
  • Access Link:
  • Creating a work order:
    • Click “Work Order” on left-hand side
    • Click “New Order” at the top of the page
    • Enter First and Last name (you can leave all other fields blank)
    • Select “Route To: Site_TA” and a “Job Type” from the drop down menus
    • Type in a description of your request and then hit submit

ST Math:

  • New Students: New students are enrolled 1 of 3 ways depending on their situation:
    • Students Who Have Never Used ST Math: Click the green plus symbol on the main page. After creating student account, triple-click in corner to link the student to your class.
    • Students Who Know Their Passwords: Students log in with their password. Then triple-click in the corner to link the student to your class.
    • Students Who Do Not Remember Password: Email with the student’s previous; School District, School Name, and Teacher’s name. Be sure to also include your name and that you are from Ponderosa Elementary in the Anaheim Elementary School District.
  • Removing Students: Click the student’s name on your class roster, select “delete student.”
  • Teacher Username: Pon + first initial + last name (e.g. poncrobertson)
  • Teacher Password: Use “Forgot Password” on main page.
  • ST Math Support: Naseem Mandalia(x4138 –

Student Email:

  • Student Email Address: On your SMART homepage click on the “export students” button to view email addresses.
  • Student Password: Default password email password is 12345678
  • Changing Password: On the page, below the “login” box, click the “Reset Password” link. Follow the onscreen instructions to reset the student’s password
  • Student Email Support: Richard Lapera(x4171 –

Read Naturally:

  • Student Password: Last 5 numbers of student’s 400-Number
  • Adding Students: Log in with teacher credentials, student tab, and click “Add”
  • Teacher Password: Teacher last name, capitalized first letter (e.g. Robertson)


  • Teacher Username: Your email address (e.g.
  • Teacher Password: Use “Forgot Password” link in program
  • RCM Support: Cesar Vargas(x4105 –



Technology Programs FAQ Was Last Modified: January 12, 2017