Patrick Henry Action Learning Walks

The purpose of the Parent Walks is to offer parents an opportunity to visit their children in the classroom as they are learning content standards. For the last couple of years, we, at Henry have focused on our ELD program. The walks takes approximately one hour. The first 15 minutes are spent on introductions, reviewing the objective(s), and explaining the Language for All program. The next half hour we visit the classrooms. This is our parents’ favorite part of the walk! We usually visit 3-4 classrooms. We are in the classrooms for 3-5 minutes followed by a 2-3 minute discussion outside the classroom of what type of student learning was observed. Our focus is always on student learning.
In the last 15 minutes we debrief and discuss how parents can support student learning at home. We also review the Expected English Learner Progression chart and reflect on the many benefits of hosting the walk and the type of support they need to have a successful academic year.
The parents love coming to the walks as we have been hosting them for almost a decade. It is a great way to celebrate our school, and showcase the fabulous learning that is occurring on a daily basis while building a bridge between, students, teachers, and parents/community!