Patrick Henry Newsletter


This school year teachers and students have enjoyed integrating our distinguishing

practice into our school: VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS. Here are
some highlights from this year thus far.

  • All TK through 4th grade students enjoy two, 30-minute music lessons per week with our music teacher, Ms. Murray.
  • All 5th and 6th grade students enjoy two, 30-minute instrumental music lessons per week with our music teacher, Mr. Maxson.
  • We enjoyed great participation for our first Winter Performance in January where TK through fourth grade students showcased fall and winter songs.
  • Teachers from every grade level are attending seven days of professional development for art instruction.
  • Students have enjoyed learning about the composer Vivaldi through our guest instructor, Nancy Eldridge, from the Pacific Symphony.
  • On April 22nd, a family night is scheduled in the auditorium at Marshall School where we will experience the music of the Pacific Symphony.
  • On June 2nd, all second through sixth grade students will be treated to a performance of the full Pacific Symphony at the Segerstrom Concert Hall.

Sixth Graders Attend Outdoor Science School

During the first week of March, seventy seven of our sixth grade students went to Camp Arbolado for Outdoor Science School in the San Bernardino Mountains. For four days they enjoyed trails and activities within nature’s classroom. They discovered science, built friendships, practiced leadership skills, and gathered life-long memories.

At the end of April, we will begin preparing our fifth graders for their visit to camp next school year. Our first event will be a sale of World’s Finest Chocolates to help our students start earning money for camp!


Congratulations to oiur Oral Interpretation and Speech Contest Winners!

During the months of January and early February our fifth and sixth grade students put forth great effort in preparing for our district-wide Oral Interpretation and Speech Contest competitions. Classroom instruction at this time emphasized literary analysis, speech writing, and the speaking and listening standards.

For the Oral Interpretation competition, students selected and memorized a passage from a list of approved novels. Through thought, language, voice and restrained action our students delivered three to eight minute presentations. On February 17th, our classroom level winners performed and entertained their peers. Congratulations to our three school level winners: Triza Sumergido, Brisa Paniagua, and Heidi Ruiz! On March 7th, Triza did a fabulous job representing Patrick Henry Elementary at the district-level semi-finals. Way to go, Triza! We are so proud of you!

The Speech Contest, organized nationally by Modern Woodman, involved students writing and developing an original oration on a given topic dealing with civic affairs. The three to five minute presentation demonstrated clear thinking and speaking and contained the element of persuasion. This year’s topic was Hunger in America. Our classroom level winners presented their speeches to their peers on February 19th. Congratulations to our three school level winners: Jaidyn Young, Kassandra Vargas, and Alieska Ruiz. Jaidyn went on to the district-level semi finals AND final competition. On March 15th, Jaidyn Young became the third place winner for all of Anaheim Elementary School District.

Way to go, Jaidyn! We are so proud of you!

The Bully Game is Coming to Patrick Henry Elementary

Thanks to a donation from the PTA our students will be able to enjoy The Bully Game on May 31st. What is The Bully Game? It’s the magical game show that students all over Southern California are calling Great, Awesome and Magitastic ! Magician John Abrams, Southern California’s #1 family entertainer, will be bringing us this spectacular program that combines zany comedy, amazing magic, and audience participation and always leaves a life changing impression. And best of all, it’s truly a game show! The student at Patrick Henry Elementary are the contestants, the entire audience is involved and everyone learns valuable lessons about preventing bullying. Amazing fun with a terrific message. It’s going to be a program your children will remember for a very, very long time.

Thank you, PTA!

Search for Gifted Pupils Underway Referrals Sought

This month all schools are beginning the process of identifying pupils to join the Anaheim Elementary School District’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program next year. This program offers differentiated instruction for grades 3 – 6 for pupils who demonstrate very advanced intellectual ability and/or academic achievement.

We are inviting nominations from teachers and parents of children who are currently in grades 2 – 5. We are looking for gifted and talented students from all cultures. Children do not have to be fluent in English in order to be considered.

Some signs that suggest your child might be a candidate for the GATE program are that he or she:

  • has a large vocabulary
  • is learning English rapidly as a second language
  • has had an early interest in books and reading
  • is able to learn new things quickly
  • has a highly developed curiosity and asks many questions
  • is able to understand complex concepts and to think abstractly
  • enjoys being with older children and adults
  • shows a mature sense of humor
  • has wide range of interests
  • prefers new and challenging experiences
  • has a long attention span, persistence, and intense concentration
  • is interested in experimenting and doing things differently
  • has a tendency to put ideas or things together in creative ways

If your child demonstrates a number of these characteristics and you feel he or she should be considered for assessment for the GATE Program, please call or send a note to the Principal or Community Liaison by September 9, 2016

Upcoming Testing

At the end of April and throughout May our third through sixth grade students will begin their California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, or CAASPP, assessment. Our students will engage in computer adaptive tests in English-language arts and mathematics as well as paper-based science tests for our 5th graders. Each student, in third through sixth grade, will demonstrate what they have learned during five mornings of testing (seven for our fifth graders). Your child’s teacher will keep you up-to-date regarding the week your child will be testing. With adequate sleep, a healthy breakfast, and timely attendance each day we know our students will shine!