Trimester One Classroom Chronicles


Social and Emotional Development – We were focusing on kindness, communication, and teamwork through developmental play.

Language Arts – We were focusing on small group instruction with Rhyming Words, Beginning sounds, Letter recognition, Identifying characters in a story, printing/fine motor development.

Math – We were focusing on Counting and Identifying numbers to 10, identifying shapes and colors, and practicing counting through Counting Collections.

PE – We were focusing on Crossing the Midline and Spatial Awareness.

Grade 1

ELD – Focus has been on speaking in complete sentences.

Reading – We worked on recognizing letters and saying sounds; blending sounds into words.

Writing – The focus on writing was being able to produce simple and complete sentences that begin with a capital letter and end with the correct form of punctuation.

Math – Together we worked on adding and subtracting numbers between 0 and 10 and word problem-solving.

Science – Our focus here was observing young plants and animals and how they are similar to their parents, but not exactly like them.

Grade 2

Writing – We were working on writing a narrative with a topic sentence, details, and a closing sentence.

Math – Focus has been on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping.

Language Arts – Together we worked on identifying the main ideas & supporting details in a text and using context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words.

Social Emotional Learning – Lessons have been centered around Second Step lessons that address social emotional health.

ELD – We have been focusing on using sentence frames and speaking in complete sentences during ELD.

Grade 3

Language Arts – Scholars find key details and key events in literature to determine the main idea of a passage. Scholars will infer.

Small Group Instruction/Intervention – Learning Stations that support decoding, comprehension, and writing. Students who need extra assistance in phonics and comprehension are supported.

ELD – Students discussed adjectives as well as used adjectives with similes to develop more detail in speaking and writing. Students are encouraged to speak in complete sentences at school and at home.

Math – Students will focus on place value, addition and subtraction with regrouping through the thousands place, and multiplication facts through 12. Students will create and solve word problems.

Science – Third graders learned about animal habitats and various biomes. We discussed how animals survive in their environments and will begin an animal research report to culminate their learning.

Grade 4

Language Arts – Gauer 4th graders focused on identifying supporting details and determining the main idea. We also worked on identifying key events in order to summarize a text.

ELD – Students were supported with and used sentence frames during math instruction to support language development.

Math – Students began the trimester in math by reviewing how to fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers with regrouping. Currently, we are learning to multiply a double-digit by a double-digit number.

Social Studies – Our 4th graders recently attended two field trips. The first, which was provided through a grant, was to Mission San Juan Capistrano. Students read about early California history through the Mission period prior to the trip.

Science – Our second trip was to Irvine Regional Park and focused on ecosystems. Students learned about the interactions between living and nonliving things within an ecosystem.

Grade 5

Engineering and Science – students are using engineering units, reading materials, research skills, Mystery Science, and field trips. Students learned hands-on about water systems and how they can make an impact on the world by designing water filters

Reading and Writing – students are close reading to identify main ideas and details, compare and contrast characters in literature, and analyze an author’s point of view. Reading is thinking and writing is thinking clearly, as students apply their reading skills into writing their own narratives this trimester, including using My SBAC Coach and daily writing.

Math – All fifth-grade classrooms are supporting student learning in geometry and place value with “Math Talks,” vocabulary, and math practices.

Social Emotional Learning – students have begun Second Step lessons including communication and being assertive. Students have been engaging in Digital Citizenship video games on Be Internet Awesome!

Grade 6

Engineering – Students will be participating in the Cardboard Challenge using the Engineering Design Process. This is an opportunity for our scholars to demonstrate the 4Cs: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and especially Creativity.

Language Arts – We have been working together and focusing on Main Idea & Key Details using our Benchmark curriculum. Academic Discourse – Students are asked to use communication skills to discuss strategies, concepts, and vocabulary.

Free-Choice Friday – As a result of the positive choices students make during the week by applying Second Step and Life Skills lessons, they earn the opportunity to engage in physical activity among the grade level.