Food Service is Going the Distance Too!

Beginning August, 13th, AESD enrolled students can pick up a breakfast and lunch from school. All sites will be open for curbside grab ‘n go meal service (except for Sunkist and Roosevelt*). Students are encouraged to pick up meals from their home school (find your neighborhood school), but may pick up meals at other sites if needed.

* Students from Sunkist and Roosevelt are encouraged to go to another school close to their homes to pick up a meal.

Grab ‘N Go Meal Service

Time11:00 AM -1:00 PM
LocationAll AESD sites (except for Sunkist and Roosevelt)
  • Students must show their student ID card or proof of enrollment to receive a meal. Meals are $3.00 for students who do not qualify for free meals. Breakfast is free for all students.
  • Families who do not qualify for free or reduced price meals, may prepay online at: For the months of August & September only, there will not be a fee for online payments. We are strongly encouraging cashless transactions.
  • Meals will be offered to all students regardless of their benefit status (Free/Reduced/Full Price). Full price students will be required to pay for their meals. We are encouraging cashless payments (see above). Meals are $3.00, and breakfast is included at no cost.

Meal Application

Don’t forget to apply for free or reduced priced meals this school year.

For more information, call Food Services 714.999.3560

Last day of Summer Meal Service

The last day of summer meal service at all meal distribution sites is Monday, August 10, 2020.

Families who visit AUHSD sites will receive 2 meals for August 10 and 11. Families who visit Ponderosa will receive 3 meals for August 10, 11, and 12.

We will begin regular school meal service at AUHSD schools on Wednesday, August 12. We will begin regular school meal service at AESD schools on Thursday, August 13