AESD February 2020 Newsletter

Juarez Receives CABE Seal of Excellence Award

We are proud to announce that Benito Juarez Elementary School has been recognized with the distinguished CABE (California Association of Bilingual Education) Seal of Excellence award for 2020! The Seal of Excellence Award was inaugurated in 1996 to honor exemplary bilingual education programs throughout the State. Every year CABE chooses less than a handful of schools from throughout the state to receive this prestigious recognition. The success at Juarez is a success for all AESD schools because the district implements the same Dual Language Immersion framework at all 23 schools. Juarez has offered a DLI program for 9 years and it has helped create a school community that celebrates diversity in language while preparing students to appreciate a global citizen perspective.

AESD Readers’ Showcase

This year marked the District’s 4th annual Readers’ Showcase which provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their love of reading in authentic and creative ways. Students get into groups of two or three and choose a book to read together. They then work collaboratively to create products that bring the book to life.

The projects this year, which students presented to their peers and parents at the event, included google presentations, original songs (performed live), student-written plays that were performed, puppet shows, and Día de los Muertos altars dedicated to main characters of the books.

eSports Update

We have started the second year of our eSports curriculum, Nurturing Positive Competitors, and are already halfway through! Students have learned how to stay positive during gaming, provide critical feedback to team members, and avoid confrontation.

Additionally, students were able to speak with professional eSports Broadcaster Adam “Lawler” Thornton and popular Twitch Streamer JoMo Senpai. They have also learned how to design a logo, create video game music, and produce player team profile videos, all of which allow students to explore possible careers in the gaming industry.

We are excited about what our kids are creating and the progress they are making in their Rocket League eSports skills which will be showcased at our Play.Code.Compete. event on Saturday, March 28th at Ross Elementary School!

Revere Art Project

When students in Mrs. Taylor’s class at Paul Revere Elementary School were talking about the recent wildfires that have devastated Australia, she took their interest as an opportunity to further explore the topic with them, given her own passion for taking care of our planet. Through an art project of painting koala bears, her class learned about species of animals unique to Australia who have been impacted by the wildfires. They also spoke about the kindness shown by the many volunteers who have rescued and cared for the animals that have been injured.

The art from Mrs. Taylor’s class has been displayed at SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union’s Anaheim location and at the Anaheim Public Library Central branch, with the hope of continuing to bring awareness to the public about this tragic natural disaster and the plight of the affected wildlife.

Lowe’s Beautification Project at Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School recently received a grant from Lowe’s in Anaheim to help with some special beautification projects. Thanks to Lowe’s generosity, Franklin now has a thriving school garden, a new mural, new benches, and a decorative fence design. The changes have been met with smiles and joy from students, staff, and parents. Lowe’s staff also volunteered their time to help complete the projects.

These projects have helped further beautify areas on campus while also providing new spaces to engage students; an after school club is dedicating itself to tend to the garden and the benches have become popular for students who like to read outside. We thank Lowe’s for their donations and support!

Kid Columnist: Delilah Carrera 5th grade Student Westmont Elementary School

Miss Vega’s class is really fun! I learn a lot in Miss Vega’s class! She teaches us in a fun way. She’ll either put post-its on the wall or has us work in groups. She lets us play Prodigy because it is a fun math learning game. We get free play on Fridays and she also gives us hidden pictures activities. We work hard and have many fun activities to play in class. She always teaches us in a fun way! Miss Vega makes learning fun! I love school.

Meet Our Staff: Deidra Stewart

This month we are introducing you to Deidra “Dede” Stewart, a Teacher on Special Assignment at Horace Mann Elementary School who provides support to classroom teachers as a Curriculum Coach. She has worked at AESD for 15 years and has taught 1st and 2nd grade at Patrick Henry Elementary School and 3rd grade at Mann.

What she enjoys the most about her current role is building relationships with teachers and students as they work to reach their goals in the classroom. What she appreciates about working for AESD is all the amazing and hardworking people that are here to help students thrive.
During her personal time, spending time with her husband and two kids is a priority. She especially enjoys watching her kids play soccer and perform on stage. A quote that she tries to keep central to her daily life is:

“Life is better when you’re laughing”

Editors Note

We would like to clarify the following from the January 2020 edition of the Amazing AESD Newsletter: In the article about the new AESD soccer league, tryouts for the co-ed school teams were open to 4th-6th grade students that attend the participating schools; our goal is to expand the league to include more schools next year. In the article about the AESD honor band, students from 15 of our 23 schools participated; we are actively working with our corporate and non-profit partners to secure additional funding to expand this opportunity to students from all 23 schools.