AESD November Newsletter

Veterans Day Celebrations at Our Schools

AESD superintendent Dr. Christopher Downing at the podium addressing Price students

Every November AESD students learn about the importance of Veterans Day. Many classes write thank you letters to U.S. Veterans while others learn patriotic songs and create art inspired by the stars and stripes of our beautiful American flag. This year, Madison and Price Elementary Schools took their appreciation for our U.S. Veterans even further by hosting events at their schools to honor the men and women in their lives who have served our country. It is important to teach students that the freedoms we enjoy in our country are protected by those who have selflessly served in our U.S. Military. We are honored to especially recognize those that live in our community.

A Life Remembered Through Books

Wendy Sales with AESD students ready to donate books

Since 2012, Paul Revere Elementary School Vice Principal Wendy Sales, -with the help of family, friends, and other AESD staff- has helped distribute more than 25,000 books to AESD students. The project was created in memory of Sophia Sales, Ms. Sales’ daughter who passed away when she was two years old. Even at a young age, Sophia loved books and the goal of the project is to spark the same joy for books in all students.

As part of the Sophia’s Book Distribution Project, book donations are collected throughout the year and distributed in November at an AESD school. To date, books have been distributed at Gauer, Jefferson, Henry, Palm Lane, Marshall, Franklin, and Ross Elementary Schools. This year students at Revere will be the lucky ones to take home a book (or two) of their very own.

Winter is WILD at your Library!

Anaheim Duck’s Wild Wing is Wild about reading

Don’t miss the fun during the annual Winter Reading Program through the Anaheim Public Library from December  2 to January 11, 2020. Participants who complete their Winter Reading Log may be eligible to receive incentives such as entries into raffles, a coupon for a free meal, or a prize!

Download the app companion READsquared or visit to track reading progress, earn badges, and play games, or visit your neighborhood library to sign-up on December 2nd!

You can kick-off your reading challenge with the Anaheim Ducks Street Team and Wild Wing on Saturday, December 7th at 11 a.m. at the Central Library (500 W. Broadway). There will be activities, raffle prizes, giveaways, and more!

Winter Reading Challenge
  • Track Reading Progress
  • Earn Badges
  • Play Games
  • Win Prizes

Sign up for the reading challenge at

or Download the READsquared APP below

Books, Dogs, and Smiles on World Kindness Day

Madison students each with their own copy of “Love me Gently”

On World Kindness Day author Lisa Wiehebrink visited Madison Elementary School to read her book Love Me Gently to students. Special therapy dogs from the Pet Partners organization also visited students to bring to life the book which teaches that dogs can help us learn about kindness. Through her Tails That Teach Foundation, and with the help of The Angels Baseball Foundation, Lisa generously donated copies of her book to all TK through 2nd-grade AESD students. We appreciate their kindness!

Kindness Club at Henry Elementary School

The Henry Elementary Kindness Club

Hello, my name is Cytlaly and I am a kindness club member! World Kindness Day takes place in November and I am here to tell you about our Kindness Club at Patrick Henry Elementary School. The meaning of being kind to me is helping others in need. When I see a new kid at school, I try to make them feel comfortable by playing what they used to play at their old school. When I was chosen to be a Kindness Club member, I was super excited! I couldn’t wait to do a lot of kind things to make people’s bad days better! In Kindness Club we do activities like writing letters to Military Troops. Those activities make me happy because I know when they receive them, they’re going to have a smile on their face.

Kid Columnist

This month’s kid columnist is Alisha Mandalia, Student at Juarez Elementary School.

Alisha with

This past summer I found out I have Type 1 Diabetes which means my body stopped making insulin. Imagine if there is no key to get inside your house. That is what happens in my body. For example, the house is my cells, the key is insulin, and the sugar is the person trying to get in the house. My cells need sugar for energy and my keys (insulin) don’t work. One of the hard things is diabetics have to make important decisions before they eat something. Soon, I will get an insulin pump so that I don’t have to take injections 4 times a day. Diabetes is hard, but I’m learning how to manage with the support of family, friends, and adults at school. November is National Diabetes Month and what I would like everyone to know is that Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, and diet and lifestyle habits don’t cause it.

Meet our Staff: Keith Christian & Kiri

Keith Christian with his Guide dog Kiri

Keith Christian has been a teacher of the visually impaired at Clara Barton Elementary School for 17 years and for most of that time he has had a guide dog by his side. Recently Whitney, his guide dog of 12 years retired, and this summer he welcomed Kiri, his new guide dog. Visually impaired individuals first learn to walk with the aid of a cane. When they are around 18 years old they can start working with a guide dog.

Keith appreciates the opportunity to have a guide dog to bring to school while he teaches because not only does it help the dog get better training, it also introduces his students to what it requires to have a guide dog: discipline, assertiveness, and self-assurance. As tempting as it can be for the public to want to praise and give attention to guide dogs, Keith emphasizes that anytime a guide dog is wearing its harness or vest, that means they are working and should not be distracted.