We are so proud of the following Franklin scholars for participating in AESD’s annual Readers’ Showcase. We appreciate your hard work and thank you for representing Franklin School in such a positive way.
  • Mrs. Calderon’s Class – Fatima G., Melissa S. & Emily S. – Artifact Project for Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
  • Mrs. Scott’s Class – Antonella V. & Georgia W. – iMovie trailer using original illustrations for The Mostly True Story of Jack
  • Mrs. Fulmer’s Class – Samuel R. & Kiana G. – Digital Project for Corgi Chronicals
  • Mrs. Maertz’ Class – Yatziri H., Kayleen H., and Kaylee M. – Performance for Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Cheese Touch
  • Mrs. Austring’s Class – Corin R., Humberto G., Denis D., and Michael W. – Dramatic for Wonder

Mrs. Chavez’ Class

Julisa D., Nelly D., Daisy C. & Kylah G.

Triangle Diorama for Holes


Mrs. Martin’s Class

Fernanda D., Chris V, & Audrey S.

Wrote and recorded Readers Theater play based on  Molly’s Pilgrim


Mr. Kelly’s Class:

Diane M., Alejandra G., and Estela N.

Dramatic for The Spiderwick Chronicles


Mrs. Hanson’s Class:

Hassan V., Nicole A., Frida R. and Elias L.

Project, video and performance  for Wonder


Humberto G., Corin R., Denis D. and John W.

Performance for Wonder