Franklin Scholars at AESD’s Readers’ Showcase

We are so proud of the following Franklin scholars for participating in AESD’s annual Readers’ Showcase. We appreciate your hard work and thank you for representing Franklin School in such a positive way.

  • Mrs. Calderon’s Class – Fatima G., Melissa S. & Emily S. – Artifact Project for Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
  • Mrs. Scott’s Class – Antonella V. & Georgia W. – iMovie trailer using original illustrations for The Mostly True Story of Jack
  • Mrs. Fulmer’s Class – Samuel R. & Kiana G. – Digital Project for Corgi Chronicals
  • Mrs. Maertz’ Class – Yatziri H., Kayleen H., and Kaylee M. – Performance for Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Cheese Touch
  • Mrs. Austring’s Class – Corin R., Humberto G., Denis D., and Michael W. – Dramatic for Wonder


Mrs. Chavez’ Class

Julisa D., Nelly D., Daisy C. & Kylah G.

Triangle Diorama for Holes


Mrs. Martin’s Class

Fernanda D., Chris V, & Audrey S.

Wrote and recorded Readers Theater play based on  Molly’s Pilgrim


Mr. Kelly’s Class:

Diane M., Alejandra G., and Estela N.

Dramatic for The Spiderwick Chronicles










Mrs. Hanson’s Class:

Hassan V., Nicole A., Frida R. and Elias L.

Project, video and performance  for Wonder


Humberto G., Corin R., Denis D. and John W.

Performance for Wonder