Promethean Support

STS Education is now providing primary support for all Promethean panels. The preferred method for getting support is to open a New Case by going to their Portal at and login with your email address. Or you can contact support at 1 (866) 499-2580 or by sending an email to

For existing or pending support calls, (all new support calls now go through STS Education) Ways to contact Promethean for support:

1.            Phone support number: 833.260.8726 (have the below ActivCare number ready)

When calling technical support, please enter your ActivCare number when prompted 8331380 – this allows us to offer the Call Back feature. If the call lasts 5 minutes – your team will hear a message (right around the 5 minute mark) to select the “call back” feature by pressing 1. Please enter the best call back number for the technical support team to return the call. This feature allows you to be entered into the queue without having to stay on the phone. If several issues are at one location, more than one case may be opened on the same call – please stay on the line with the technical support team until all issues are addressed.

2.            General email support contact form:

Always Include:



Email address:

Existing case reference number:

Hardware / Panel Serial number:

Description of the issue: (Please describe the issue in detail and list any troubleshooting steps that have been completed)

What is the computer OS that is being used?                                                    

What is the ActivDriver version?

How are you connected to the board? Please try a direct connection via USB from the computer to the panel, with a known working USB cable.

If an interaction issue, what is the firmware version that is listed in the ActivManager?

*In some instances, support may request a photo to better identify the issue. In these instances, please keep emails below 5MB in size. Emails / files larger than 5MB will not clear the email filter and will need to be uploaded to a customer drop zone (like provided upon request) is where all update announcements are made is our customer facing support site with supplemental articles, downloads, and videos.

Please see below – Troubleshooting Guides

Basic Support Troubleshooting Guide

ActivPanel 6 Troubleshooting Guide

Promethean Support Was Last Modified: February 20, 2020