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In Anaheim Elementary School District, we strive to deliver instruction that meets the needs of English Language Learners. Quality instruction begins with a vision. Click here to view our vision of instruction, Success for ELLs.

The state has adopted new ELD Standards. During Integrated ELD, students receive instruction with lessons taught to a content objective and an ELD objective. Click here for an introduction to the new ELD standards. Click here to access each grade level’s ELD Standards on the California Department of Education’s website. Click here to access writing rubrics that measure progress on many of the ELD standards.

In order to prevent students from becoming Long Term English Learners, it is important to monitor an English Leaner’s progress early on and frequently so that we can intervene the moment the student is not responding. Use the Expected EL Progression chart to determine if an EL is making expected growth.

Developing language is a high priority for English learners.  In Anaheim City School District, students are provided explicit instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and writing the English language in multiple ways.  Students receive daily Designated English Language Development instruction differentiated to their language needs.  They also receive instruction in the Common Core Language Standards during their literacy block.  Lessons throughout the instructional day are planned using a Research Based Lesson Design that incorporates English learner scaffolds during each phase of the lesson.  The level of scaffolding should be adjusted based on the needs of the students and the cognitive demand of the lesson.  This provides access to the academic language of the the instruction while students are still learning to master the English language.

English learners should receive access to a rigorous curriculum including questioning from the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Read the article, Asking the Right Questions, for strategies on how to provide ELLs access to higher level questioning.  While ELs are highly capable of thinking of quality responses to teacher questions, sometimes they struggle with producing the language needed to articulate the answer well.  Anaheim teachers are proactive in scaffolding students’ language production by providing them with response frames and stems so that all students articulate their answers in complete sentences with academic language.  When teaching vocabulary, teachers provide ELLs with a contextualized definition that is more comprehensible than standard dictionary definitions.

If a student is both an English Learner and has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), then the student should have a linguistically appropriate IEP goal.  The goal is made linguistically appropriate by including English Learner scaffolds as conditions.

While the majority of our English learners speak Spanish as their first language, we do have students with a variety of first languages.  Click here to compare and contrast English with Arabic to have the background needed to help your Arabic speaking students learn English efficiently.

Click here for suggestions for supporting newcomers.

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