Rethink Your Drink Day May 16, 2018

On May 16th, 2018, health advocates across the state will come together to continue changing the way Californians think about their drinks for the FIRST Rethink Your Drink Day – a Statewide Day of Action to raise awareness about the health effects of sugary drinks and the benefits of replacing these drinks with water.

Rethink Your Drink Day will focus on educating Californians on the benefits of drinking more water and less sugar-sweetened beverages. Across the state, Californians young and old will be more equipped to make the healthiest choices for themselves and their families.

Rethink Your Drink Day is organized by the California Department of Public Health’s Champions for Change Program. The Champions for Change Program empowers and collaborates with local
community organizations to engage real people with positive, healthy behavior change messages.

The Rethink Your Drink Program’s primary goals are to:

  • Educate low-income Californians about healthy drink options,
  • Help identify drinks with added sugar, and
  • Make the link between consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks and health risks.

In this way, the program hopes to shift consumption toward healthier, more affordable beverages, like water. At the same time, the Rethink Your Drink Program hopes to stimulate community-level partnerships and invite local environmental changes that will improve access, affordability and desirability of healthy beverages.