Through a partnership with Clever (a Single Sign-On Company), all students in Anaheim Elementary School District now have access to the Open eBooks Program.

Previously, access to this program was dependent on schools filing for access, uploading data about the student population, and then rostering students. Clever’s partnership with Open eBooks has made this seamless — students simply use their Google Account to login.

All students need to do is follow the instructions below, and they will have access to thousands of popular fiction and non-fiction titles right on their device! At this time, Open eBooks is an App-based only program, so an iOS or Android device is needed.

This is a GREAT resource for our students as many of them go into a long break.

How to log into the Open eBooks app

Clever - How to use Open eBook

Students use their GOOGLE LOGIN ( to Login

Open eBooks is an application that provides a mobile digital library with thousands of popular and award-winning books free for you to use at home or at school.

Follow these four easy steps to get Open eBooks on any mobile device – including tablets, iPads, and on smartphones of all types.


Step 1: On an iPhone or Android phone, open the app store and type in “open ebooks”


Step 2: Click GET then click INSTALL to download the app.


Step 3: Open the app and click Log in with Clever.

Login with Clever

Step 4: Search for the student’s school district to log in with their username and password.