2016 – 2017 Jr. Cadet Locations and Start Times

The Anaheim Police Activities League, Cops 4 Kids Junior Cadet program offers educational and physical activities for kids ages 9 – 12. The Junior Cadet program covers the following topics: legal awareness, drug & gang awareness, leadership & team building activities, and homework assistance. The program includes military drills to improve self-confidence and physical fitness, healthy eating habits, self-esteem, leadership, and respect.

Objectives of Cops4Kids

  1. Foster Positive Relationships between police and youth.
  2. Assist in developing positive self-esteem by providing skills to help youth strive to do better in school and stay away from gangs & drugs.
  3. Provide an opportunity for police, parents, schools, an community members to make a personal commitment to serve Anaheim’s youth.

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