BARTON Future Dual Immersion Program

Dear Barton Parents,

The following is the Vision of Anaheim Elementary School District:

“Anaheim Elementary School District provides a high quality education designed to reach and teach all students and to prepare them for a bright and promising future in our rapidly changing world. We seek to develop student responsibility, confidence, creativity, enthusiasm, and strong academic and social skills for lifelong learners.”

In order to achieve this vision and have our students be college and career ready in 21st century skills, we are proud to announce a future Dual Language Immersion Program. Through this program, Barton students will have the opportunity to learn a second language and work toward a Seal of Biliteracy which will benefit them throughout their future. In order to prepare for this great opportunity, we need feedback from our parents and community members. Please complete the following information and return this form to school. Your feedback is important to us.

Shawnna Derache
Principal, Clara Barton School