What’s the Buzz?

Whats the Buzz?

#Beekind Focus on Healthy Choices

The holiday season is an exciting time for our students. Many families want to share treats with students at our school, which is a wonderful Act of Kindness. Whether you are celebrating a student’s birthday, class achievement, holiday, or vacation, please consider the following. information:

Consequences of Using Food as Reward

Compromises Classroom Learning: Food rewards undermine all nutrition education being taught in the school environment, thus making nutrition education strictly theoretical instead of modeling positive behavior patterns.

Contributes to Poor Health: Food rewards, such as candy or cookies, provide unneeded calories and displace healthier food choices, therefore contributing to health problems for children such as obesity. diabetes, hypertension. and cavities.

Encourages Over-consumption of Unhealthy Foods: Many reward foods are high in added sugar, fat and sodium, with little nutritional value.

Contributes to Poor Eating Habits: It teaches kids to eat when they are not hungry, ignoring natural hunger and satiety cues. Instead students learn to eat as a reward to themselves. Possibly contributing to disordered eating.

Contributes to Poor Classroom Environment: Children who suffer from poor nutrition score lower on exams.

Ways to celebrate/Ideas for Classroom Celebrations

  • Donate a book to the classroom library
  • Pencils, highlighters. rulers. erasers to the classroom
  • Donate art supplies for a class project
  • Crayons, markers. chalk for the classroom
  • Games that can be played in class: cards, board games
  • Playground equipment: jump ropes. handballs. Soccer ball

Thank you Barton families for your continued commitment to the success of our students!

Thank You!!!

Great news! Our school made $5,548.30 in our Fall Fundraiser. Thank you Barton Community for helping our school earn money that pays for field trips, student incentives, and opportunities for our students.

Safety First!

Student safety is one of our school’s top priorities. When leaving our campus, please ensure that the gate you are leaving from closes tight behind you.


Please do not leave gates propped open for families to sign their student out. It is critical for the gates to stay closed and locked at all times to ensure the safety of the students on our campus.

Please see Ms. Derache or Mrs. Shumate if you have questions.

Barton Student Attendance

Our 2nd Saturday School wasDecember 2nd, 123 students were here to make up their past absences.

Thank you for BEE-ing here!

Barton attendance chart: August = 97.15, September = 97.52, October = 97.02, November = 97.01
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