What’s the buzz?

Whats the Buzz?

#Beekind Focus on Bully Prevention

The Anaheim Elementary School District has a Board Policy regarding bullying. This policy requires that all school personnel be trained regarding bullying behavior and, upon witnessing an act of bullying; intervene as soon as it is safe to do so.

All employees must report incidents they have witnessed or that have been reported to them, to school or district administration within 24 hours. Administrators will investigate the incident to determine if bullying did occur and will determine appropriate interventions and consequences based on their findings. Posters containing bully policy information and reporting procedures will be displayed in all classrooms, school offices and employee break areas. Additionally, all students will be trained regarding the bullying policy, reporting procedures and partake in lessons throughout the school year to prevent bullying behaviors. Students will also learn strategies to effectively problem solve when faced with a bully. Students will be encouraged to promote safe environments for one another by standing up for their peers through appropriate conflict mediation.

Please have discussions with your student about strategies to prevent and intervene when they witness or are subject to bullying behaviors. For more information regarding our bullying policy please contact Ms. Derache, Mrs. Shumate or Leslie Coghlan, District Complaint Officer, at (714) 517-7526.

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Thank You PTA and Chipotle

Great news! Our PTA made $827.33 at our Chipotle Night on September 21st.

Thank you to all who came out to support our school!

Attendance Update!!!

Saturday October 14th was our first Saturday School. We had over 100 students attend. Thank you for prioritizing student attendance.

Look at our attendance average increase! Great work, Barton Families! Our school has the second highest attendance in the district. Let’s make it to Flirts PLACE!

Attendance average: August = 97.15, September = 97.52