COLOR RUN 2017: Fun!!!

The course will be at Barton Park with students passing through the color zone on the field.  Participants, or “Color Runners”, are sprayed with different colors on each lap. With only three rules, the idea is easy to follow:

  1. Wear white at the starting line!
  2. Finish plastered in color!
  3. Sign up by returning your permission slip and a suggested minimum $5 donation in the envelope. Students who raise $7 or more will receive a white Barton Color Run t-shirt to wear to the event.

Color Zone – The color zone will have volunteers who will spray non-toxic colored water for each lap a student completes. The volunteers will do their best to spray the torso, but wind and other factors can cause the spray to get on the face.  You may bring protective eye ware such as sunglasses or goggles. The color zone can be bypassed completely if a student does not wish to go through it.

The colored spray is non-toxic colored water that will likely washout of clothing. However, we recommend that you wear light-colored clothing that you don’t mind being “colored”.

All proceeds will go to school fieldtrips and other school incentives!  All funds raised by 5th and 6th graders will go towards the cost of their science camp. We would greatly appreciate your child’s participation in this exciting school wide event! Let’s work together and show our Barton Bee Pride! THANK YOU!

Click Here to download PERMISSION SLIP