On-going Registration for 2016-2017

Kindergarten Registration

Welcome to Clara Barton Elementary School! We are happy to include your family as part of our school community and hope to make your transition as easy as possible. Please use this page as a guide to insure your registration is accurate and complete.

Registration Process

To enter Kindergarten, your child must be five (5) years old on or before September 1 of 2016.** To register for kindergarten, we ask that you complete a Kindergarten registration packet that you can obtain at our school site.

**Check below to see if your child qualifies for Transitional Kinder or Preschool

Which School My Child Will Attend?

If your childs birth date is between Your child will attend Next Step
9/2/2010 and 9/1/2011 Kinder Please visit the school to obtain an enrollment packet
9/2/2011 and 12/2/2011 Transitional Kinder

Your child is placed in the TK Program and will enroll through their home school.

Please visit the school office to obtain an enrollment packet.

12/3/2011 and 9/1/2012 Preschool or HeadStart Please contact Preschool (714) 517-7125

Documents Needed

Documents To Consider

  • Custody Paper*
  • IEP copies*

*(Only if applicable)

NOTE: We will make the necessary copies and give originals back to you.

Remember: Your child’s kindergarten enrollment is not complete until registration packet is submitted and all necessary documents have been received. It is important that all documents and information is completed.

(Please do not forget to include emergency and medical contact information)

You will be contacted by the school before the beginning of the new school year to inform you of additional steps needed and /or your child teacher placement.

Again, we welcome you to our school and wish your family all the best!

For further questions, contact the school office:
Barton Elementary School (714) 517-8900